(POINT: which life is suuperior ? what comforts do we get from city and village ? what do you prefer ?)

when the world is progressing,the country life is avoided.people frome the village are moving to the city.and some city dwellers wish get the pleasure of villages life.which kind of life is superior ?
it is not easy to say which kind of life is superior. Everything has its bright as well as dark side.God made the country and the man made the town. The poets and literary men prefer country life,while men of business prefer the city life.the man has made the city life more comfortable and convenient.

Electricity,means of communication and transportation have made the life easy.The problem of how to get education is now no more. the means of entertainment has made the city-dweller happy.Timely treatment from the best doctors is now available.but still there is something in the country life for which people like to live in the the city everything is impure abd polluted .we hardly get even a fresh air to city people work eith the tick tick of a clock.the word peace is No where.

While the country life is superior in health and senitation.dirty lanes,roads and congested places are absent here.smoke,gases,dirt,noise of vehicles and factory and all bustle have no chance to peep in.High moral is still there in country what would you prefer ? 

(POINTS:It is a memorable treasure-source of moral,mental,physical and social pleasure-every body has its good inspiring effect)

School is a place which we cannot easily forget.its has contributed much more in moulding our career.when we remember those days of our school, we become gay,happy and fresh.the memory of school life is a treasure for every grown physically and socially.prayers,preaching and addresses of visitors abd saint have opened our inward happiness.The textbook and little learning have made us wiser and intellectual.there is certainly a peculiar joy in finding ourselves wiser abd more learned than our is called social animal.

Activities of club,societies,outings,competition,picnic and etc.have helped us to be social.
school has made us a perfect man.How can we easily forget the days of our school life ?

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